Office Management Techniques Department


The establishing of Office Management Department is as a scientific, cultural, and intellectual radiation center influentially feeds Iraqi community in particular and Arabic community in general with technical outputs enough are qualified to meet communities needs quantitatively and qualitatively.

Those technical graduates have been provided through the years of the study with high quality of pre-requisites supported by the Higher Education System, such as (typical laboratories, Internet, smart blackboards, and competent technical teaching staff possessing scientific proficiencies in the space of specialization….etc…).. Both of open learning system and distance education system have been depended.


The Office Management Department undertakes to graduate technical managerial cadres provided with an academic acquaintance, scientific proficiencies qualifying them to change the plans and objectives for action and work in a high quality.

 Thus, the graduate shall be, as a connecting link between the manager and the personnels, undertaking interpreting the plans and the goals of the organization as well as the thought of the manager to be well accomplished by personnels.


The department aims to readying specialized technical cadres are able to use the modern techniques, computer applications in the field of office-management , means of communications, correspondences, so that they can achieve office works in different foundations; these cadres are able to do the following:

1- Preparing office works, managing the works, and to regulate the work-line in different administrative units.

2- They have to organize the special meetings of administrations with the inside and outside parties.

3- Do sectary work, special and general, including regulating interviews, meetings, answering to phone calls, and mail arranging.

4- Use the modern mechanism in both managerial work and office work, such as using the calculating machine, developed paper copiers and photocopiers as well as the computers.

5- Develop and streamline office procedures in using modern techniques.

6- Practicing jobs and works of the administration and personnel- office, and editing all administrative orders belong to personnels.

7- Editing replies of coming mails, doing correspondences and they should prepare the administrative reports.

Characterization of graduate job:

The job of the graduate is determined in the extent of his using to modern techniques and the computer applications in the field of office works and means of communications, means of correspondence in order to achieve the office- works in different departments in addition to the above-mentioned goals.

Short historical view about the department:

This department was established in 1975- 1976, under a name of: Office Management Department, then in 1991- 1992 it was changed for, the Secretary Department and lastly in 2oo4- 2005 it was renamed as its first address.

It is admitted that 36 graduated- years up to 2012- 2013 have been seen the light from the first year of its founding.

The evening study in the department has been introduced since the academic year 1996- 1997. The number of evening- graduated years pertaining to this study is 16 graduated year.

In this period, the department has been expanded since its students’ number reaches about 357 students for the morning study- in both classes the first and the second, and about 270 students in the evening study even though its students are only 50 students in its first period founded.

The cadres of the department in its initiation stage were only from teaches who have just bachelor but through the long period of continued progress many of the staffs gained master and doctorate in addition to the bachelor, meanwhile there is modifying has been done on the scientific titles of those teaching staff.

The department so far is proud about its top graduated students who they are now among its staff teaching and got higher certificates such as bachelor, master, and either doctorate.

Laboratories and workshops of the department:

There is a developed laboratory of computers for both classes and their students should be learned practically about computer, in addition, there is another modern laboratory of Information Technology specialized and well formed for administration.

Department Staff

Teaching staff (teachers & technicians)

A- Teachers:

Doctorate: total number 4

number Scientific Title
4 Assistant Prof

Master: total number (9)

number Scientific Title
2 Assistant Prof
3 Teacher
4 Assistant Lecture

Bachelor: total number 1

number Scientific Title
1 Teacher

B-Technicians: Total number 14

Bachelor: total number of (6)

number Scientific Title
2 Senior T. Trainer
1 T. Trainer
3 Senior Head of T. Trainers

Technical Diploma 8

number Scientific Title
2 Senior Head of T. Trainers
3 T. Trainer
2 T. Trainer Assistant


Total quorum of total teaching staff = 164 hours\ week

Total quorum total technicians staff = 188 hours\ week 

إعداد وتصميم: م.م ماهر طلال الأسعدي