About MTI

A brief history about the Institute

The Technical Institute of Mosul is situated in the left side of Mosul city at a region is called al-Majmo’h al-Thuqafiya.

The Institute since its founding in 1967 aims to make ready scientific technical cadres who enhance the governmental foundations and the private sector after they finish two calendar years of study in which the ratio of education and the practical training have been about 60 %. In addition to the summer training in governmental departments and in private sector in which the period of training in summer for students is considered as a pre-requisites of study fulfillment.

The graduated students shall be awarded the technical diploma, furthermore the top of successful students have the right to complete their study in the colleges and universities in the country are equivalent to their specializations.

The Technical Institute of Mosul includes 21 scientific departments as well as laboratories and specialized field to train students whom their number are about 4000 students of both genders.

In addition, the Institute includes, scientific units, administrative units, and cultural units, as well as it contain living-quarters for students, sport stadiums, Internet center, and library containing 100000 titles in various penalizations.

 Moreover, there is an office in the Institute is intended for scientific and consultative services offering its services in different fields, such as; engineering, agriculture, medical, administrative, and in all information technology fields, for people and for state departments in the province.

  • The vision

Contribution into the establishment of a scientific and technical premises in the Institute specialties: technological, medical, agricultural and administrative at the level of higher education in the whole country.

Creation and preparation of the fields of work and knowledge with technical staff of a highest degree of science and theoretical and practical knowledge to serve both the public and private sectors.

  • The message

Working to establish and provide a distinct background in the technical construction in various scientific disciplines, focusing on actual local needs and serving the changing requirement of the labor market.

3 – Objectives

We aim at and seek to implement the following:

1- To prepare intermediate scientific staff to enter the fields of work and meet the needs of their general and accurate specialties in the field of technical education.

2- To be pioneers in the use of modern education techniques and keep pace with scientific development in the world.

3- Developing educational curricula to be in line with scientific and technical changes and the changes in the labor market (we create a permanent channel of communication between educational curricula and the labor market).

4- Achieving a high value for the categories of society benefiting from the technical education.

5- Contributing in the completion of government construction of technical education through the joining the first graduates of the technical institutes corresponding to their scientific specialties.

6 – Our goals are consistent with the goals of higher education in Iraq because we are part of this system.

Curriculum Vitae for Teachers:

First: Technological specialization,

– Department of Electrical Techniques

  1. Ahmad Azhor Thanoon
  2. Ahmed Dawood Saleem ALsawaf
  3. Amerahazeezmahmood
  4. Dawood Salim Mohamed
  5. Enaammohammed jabber fatehe
  6. FarisSalih Mohamed yahya
  7. Gasim Asry Younis
  8. Hassan ThabetHasanThabet
  10. Maan A. Jirjees
  11. Manahilabdulkadirtahahussan
  12. Mohamed MontherZain
  13. Mosabmahmoodabdallahahmad
  14. Nasir Sulaiman Jasim
  15. Rain A. Abdul Mohsin
  16. Rawahtareq Mohammed Ali
  17. Salim s. ultam
  18. Shatha yousif Ismail
  19. Thakarnadithimyahya
  20. Wafaa Abdl Wahid
  21. Waleedazizthanoonmohammed
  22. Zahra Mohammed Saeed
  23. Zeena Tariq Abdu
  24. Ziadmohamadshethamidalbasso
  25. ZozanSaadallahHussain
  26. Zubeida Ali Khallil

– Department of electronic Techniques  :

– Department of Civil Techniques :

  1. Akram mohamad tahir
  2. Dr . ikhlas s. sheet
  3. Dr. Saeed Khalaf Rejeb
  4. Hassan issam mahmoud
  5. Jilan Gabriel Ibrahim
  6. Lena jafeer sdeek
  7. Maher omar amin
  8.  Mekdad jamel mohammed
  9. Mohammed abdullah bakir
  10. Mohammed y. ahmed
  11. Omar Tarek Abdel Aziz
  12. Raed Mohammed Amin
  13. Raid Ismaeel Mohammed
  14. Rasheid younis rasho
  15. Rawaa abdulla abdulkader
  16. Saad yahya Qasim
  17. Salim mheidy salih
  18. Talal ahmad saliem

– Department of Mechanical Techniques :

  1. Abdul karim Mohamed abdul rahman
  2. Abdulkerim.H . Mohamed
  3. Abdulmunim Gi Mahmood
  4. Adndn Salim Ahmad
  5. Ahmed Mohammed Mosa
  6. Ala Natheer Kagho
  7. Ala sheet saleh
  8. Ameer hazim abdul aziz
  9. Ammar Mahmood Dhannoon
  10. Ashraf Abdul Razzaq
  11. Basil M . D.
  12. Ghada yousif ismail
  13. Iman Zedan Ali
  14. Khalid Taha Ahmed
  15. Luma Mohammad Ali
  16. Manhal Rasheed Mohammed
  17. Mohammad Takey Elias Kassim
  18. Muna Thanoon Younis
  22. Sanaa mahmuod Abed

– Machinery and equipment Techniques:

– Survey Techniques:

  1. Bashar Khider Aziz Siman Qasha
  2. Huda Abdul Malik Thanoon
  3. Mohammed Edan Mahmood Khider Al Taee
  4. Mohammed Fathi Mohammed Hamza
  5. Mohannad Habbib Mohammad Saied Saleh Al Fakri
  6. Muntaha Taha Yaseen Taha Al Azaam
  7. Nazar Mahmood Aziz Kadawi
  8. Saad Izaldeen Majeed Hammo Alnuiamy

– Department of Water Resources Techniques:

  1. Abdullah Ahmed Shekho 
  3. Adnan Abdul Wahhab Ismael
  4. Alaa Imad Hameed Majeed AL-Taee
  5. Ayham Taha Hassun Shehatha Al-Rawi
  6. Dr. Muzahim M. Abed
  7. Khaldoon Tariq Ismael M. AL-OMARI
  8. Mohammad Akram Saadi AL-DABBAGH
  9. Nadia Ahmed Maree ALKHEERO
  10. Nashwa Salem Abdul Aziz Al Nouri
  11. Sulaiman Dawood Jasim

– Chemical Industries Techniques:

Second: Administrative Terms:

– Computer Systems Techniques :

  1. Abdulrafa Hoseen Maray
  2. AbdulSattar Mohammed Khidhir
  3. Maher Talal Mohammed Alasaady
  4. Najim Abdullah Abdulqader
  5. Omar Ibrahim Ahmed
  6. Omaya Ghanim AbdAlgabbar
  7. Saba qassim Hassan
  8. Sahar Esmaiel Mahmood
  9. Shahla Abdul Wahha
  10. Thamera khald ahmad
  11. Widad S.Ahmed

– Materials Management Techniques:

  1. Dr. Shahla Salim Khalil Jawad
  2. Hala Hazem Abdullah
  3. Hanan Ihsan Khaleel
  4. Iman Dhannoon Younis
  5. Jamal Abdulla Mokhlif
  6. Jasim.M.Hasso
  7. Monaa Younis Saeed
  8. Nidal Abid Mohammed
  9. Samar Maree Hassan
  10. Sultan A.Fathi
  11. Wafa Maki Rashid ALI

– Department of Office Management Techniques:

  1. Anwar hadi taha
  3. Basma Ibraheem Khalil
  4. Buthainah Luqman Ahmed
  5. DR.Majed Mohammed Salih
  6. Eman Ahmad Saleh Kassem
  7. Haitham Hassan mustafa
  8. Jaafar Kaleel Mari
  9. Muzahim Ryadh Hamdoon
  10. Nawal Hazem Jasem
  11. Niebal Younis Mohamed
  12. Yaser daood Sulaiman

– Library and Information Techniques :

  1. Amthal Shihab
  2. Ayad Taha
  3. Ban Ahmad
  4. Manaf Abdalelah Ib
  5. Maytham mohammed
  6. Yusra Ahmad

Third: Medical specialties:

– Department of Pharmacy Techniques

  1. Alaa ghanim mohammed
  2. Amar Abd AL- Jabar Aziz
  3. Asmaa Ahmed Basheer
  4. Bashar Zuhair Abdulhameed
  5. Ghssan F AI-Obaidy
  6. Ibtisam nadhim hazim
  7. Labeeb Hassoon Abdullah
  8. Rana Akrum Saeed
  9. Razan Yonis Qasim
  10. Sufyan Abdulhameed Abdullah
  11. Thamar Saady Ali Ahmad
  12. Yaman Qays Sa’dullah

– Department ofMedical Laboratory Techniques

  1. Ali Mohamed Saadi Tawfiq
  2. Thaira IdressYounis Yousif

– Department of Anesthesiology Techniques

– Department of Nursing Techniques

  1. Khalida Naeif Mostapha
  2. Myasar Mohsin Azeez
  3. Nadia Qahtan Mahmood
  4. Rifaie Yaseen Hameed Al-Hussein

– Community Health Techniques

  1. Khalida Naeif Mostapha
  2. Myasar Mohsin Azeez
  3. Nadia Qahtan Mahmood
  4. Rifaie Yaseen Hameed Al-Hussein

Fourth: Agricultural specialties:

– Plant Production Techniques

– Department of Animal Production Techniques

  1. Afrah younis Jasim
  2. Ali kh.mohammed
  4. Dr. Fawwaz Fadhil Ali
  5. Elham Abdul Hameed
  6. Layla kasim ebrahim
  8. Muwafaq Mustafa Yaseen
  9. Sanaa Gazei Omer

– Agricultural Mechanization Techniques

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