Department of Electronic Techniques 

Electronic Technology Department

Section Origin:

In 1987, the Department of Electronics Technology was established after it was separated from the electricity department at the Institute, as the electricity department had greatly expanded its cadres and students.


Control devices

computer technologies

Under the direction and follow-up of Dr. Ghassan al-Obaidi Dean of the Technical Institute B added the fourth branch in the academic year 2018 – 2019

medical Instruments


The Department of Electronic Technologies was established as a scientific and cultural center that provides the community with modern electronic disciplines and its most important branches (electronic, telecommunications, computer technology, processors, modern control systems and systems) equipped with higher education requirements.

Section Objectives:

The number of scientific and technical staff specialized in the fields of electronic control and computer and its branches with some of the design possibilities and the allocation of faults and repair and the conduct of various electrical and electronic measurements.

Section Message:

To prepare skilled technical staff to accommodate the work of electronic devices in different fields (computer – control – electronic – communications), and the division of the qualification of these cadres to detect faults and repair of electronic devices.

Laboratories and workshops in the department:

Digital circuit laboratory.

Microcomputer Laboratory.

Electronic Lab.

Computer Networks Laboratory.

Laboratory Simulators.

Laboratory Instrumentation.

Computer Applications Test.

Electronic Circuit Laboratory.

Communication Lab.

Laboratory of TV and Radio Maintenance.

Laboratory control.

Laboratory control devices.

Electronic Workshop.

Electrical Workshop.

Medical Instruments Branch

Objectives of Medical Devices Technology Branch:

1 – Prepare staff with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable the operation and maintenance and repair of different medical devices.

2 – The branch works to enable the graduate to understand the theory of work for medical devices and deal with the rapid technological development of this sector.

3 – The branch seeks to prepare graduates with the ability to provide expertise and practical skills to engineers to enrich their theoretical knowledge.

4- The outputs of this branch should be able to operate optimally with the highest efficiency of the medical equipment with the medical staff working on these devices.

5. The graduate has the ability to maintain periodic maintenance records (daily, weekly, yearly) for medical devices used at the work site.

6 – The graduate should have knowledge about the health risks of the use of medical devices and ways to prevent these risks.

Job description of the graduate of the Medical Devices Branch:

The graduate should be able to work in the following fields:

1- Health centers that include laboratory equipment and general medical devices.

2 – The main hospitals that include fixed devices such as digital radios and medical devices in intensive care, in addition to devices in the corridors of patients.

3 – Operations halls that need to analyze and monitor data of medical devices for patients.

4 – Maintenance of medical devices in health institutions in the public and private sectors.

5 – Calibration of medical devices and ensure their validity.

6 – Scientific offices of companies that work in the trade of medical devices.

Feasibility of the introduction of medical devices:

Due to the increase in the number of health centers and hospitals in the public and private sectors, and the need for the labor market for middle technical cadres capable of operating, maintaining and repairing this increasing number of medical devices. Due to the rapid technological development in this sector and the lack of medical equipment specialization in the technical institutes in the geographical location To the formations of the Technical University of North especially and the lack of specialization in Iraq in general, in addition to the missing link of the technical staff of the middle of the outputs of the industry industry of skilled workers in the field of maintenance of medical devices and engineers graduates of the Technical College Department of Medical Devices, For all these reasons, it has become necessary to introduce this section.

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