Student Activities Unit

In order to create the desired development in the attitudes of students and invest their energies and potential talents and move them from the vacuum to the fruitful time for the purpose of being more accommodating and aware of the nature of academic life in the fields of scientific, cultural, artistic and sports.

The importance of student activities:

The youth movement, the physical, artistic, social and cultural education and the reflected conditions in the institutes of our body have an effective impact on the students’ ability to direct their abilities and talents and to confront and discover their abilities and energies and cast them in the accuracy of the productive work to embody and achieve the foundations of the developed society.

It continues to work to create the human capacity of students to create, creativity and challenge all circumstances and force them and therefore exploit them for the benefit of human society in accordance with greasy and sound and healthy.

Objectives of Student Activities:

Since extra-curricular activities represent an aspect of public education and are in line with the pace of development and creativity in all its sports, artistic, social and cultural fields. The objectives of extra-curricular activities in the state universities and the technical institutes must be achieved. It is the most educational program capable of achieving the objectives of the society in general and the goals and ambitions of university students in particular, because of their diverse activities and opportunities to highlight the experiences and capabilities of these goals.

Developing students’ physical skills through practicing sports activities. To help the student to acquire the qualities of rational logical thinking organized by practicing some of the various artistic, social and cultural activities. Contribute to the achievement of the student optimal social qualities. Encourage and develop the capacity and talents of students. The student’s leisure time is positive through his practice of some different hobbies. Work on developing the spirit of creation, creativity and challenge in the student in accordance with greasy open and sound To guide the students’ abilities and to differentiate their abilities and energies and to put them in the product work

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