Media Division

Media Division

The Media Division is responsible for organizing the form of the media discourse in the Institute. It edits the form of activities and leads the media teams to the sources of information and provides them with the activities and activities that can be covered by the media after presenting them to the Dean and advising the institute officials regarding the media, Including pamphlets, manuals, files and wall posters with the establishment of courses and meetings, which enhances the role of technical education in the community and strengthens the activities of the Commission.

The Information Division also prepares an information archive of all the publications published about the Institute and is updated periodically to contribute to the response to what is published about the Institute after its presentation to the Commission and the media in the articles, studies and scientific and cultural products of the specialists and talented members or students.

The duties and duties of media officials

Enhancing the image of the Commission and its various configurations among the internal and external public. Providing the various media with news on the Institute’s activities. Send the activities, press inquiries and other cultural and creative productions of the Institute’s employees to the Information Office of the Authority. Active participation in the central events of the Authority (Organization Day, conferences, graduation ceremonies). Accompany the delegations visiting the Institute by introducing them to the aims and work of the Institute. Documentation of works, activities, news, complaints, and any source or reply to the Institute’s media unit. Supervision and follow-up of all his money related to the work of the media within the Institute such as (issuing cultural and scientific publications, whether to the students or students, to provide the media with news and activities). Issuance of a booklet defining the objectives and sections of the Institute.

Office of the website

The website of the Technical Institute in Mosul was designed according to a scientific system based on the classification and classification of all the activities of the Institute, its units, its scientific departments, its teaching and functional cadres, approved curricula and current and future plans.

The site is a news portal for everything related to the technical institute and is constantly updated and adding information such as the dissemination of research, seminars, conferences and courses as well as the definition of scientific competencies and open the portal to communicate with the outside world easily and easily.

The benefit of this site is to help connect with the technical institute by other scientific and educational institutions as well as to communicate with continuing students, graduates and students wishing to register at the Institute who wish to obtain information about the scientific departments and their objectives.

The website of the technical institute dates back to 2009 and was gradually developed in subsequent years by changing the exterior and interior design of the site in addition to providing information, pictures, news, etc. to show its new form.

The team in charge of the site continues to work continuously and continuously to update and develop the website and to reflect the positive and bright image of the technical education body.


The main objective of the website office is to upgrade the website to provide all the needs of the teacher, staff and students, as well as those who want to know about the institute. The importance of having a website and organizing the data in it requires an appropriate administrative structure To organize the work of this site, as the desired benefit of this site is to help communicate with the technical institute by other scientific and educational institutions in addition to the communication with students and graduates and students wishing to register at the Institute who wish to obtain the To Omat for scientific departments and objectives.

Characterization of the work of the Office:

The website staff manages the site technically and administratively, through periodic technical maintenance of the site, the functions of the office of the website is to build and update the website of the Institute. We publish all the information of the Institute and the scientific departments, units and divisions ranked by it, As well as publishing the results of the examinations of the departments, in addition to the process of managing the e-mail of the Institute and departments and teachers, as the work of mail for each department or division or unit and is the same site and not to foreign sites, in addition to the tasks of e-mail which is To receive and send mail and follow the official books received by e-mail and send it to the concerned authorities. The latest news and updates are published in the technical institute and through communication with the members of the link in the scientific departments, divisions and units and discuss the issues that will be approved for publication on the site, and each member will be provided with a user name and password of his own, which in turn will publish the story of his department On the site, and the unit manager to review the news before being shown on the site to be approved or to notice certain modifications before publication to the entity requesting the publication.

The functions of the office can be summarized as follows:

The unit adopts the role of electronic media by introducing the most important news in the institute, in addition to other news. To publish all scientific, cultural and sports activities, conferences, symposiums and workshops of the Technical Institute on the Institute’s website, to update the announcements about the courses available at the Institute and to register them, in addition to other announcements. Distributing the research of the Dean, the Dean’s assistants and the Institute’s instructors. Disseminate the names of newly admitted students and students of all stages and graduates. Publication of the final and supplementary monthly examination schedules and grades of students. Dissemination of the details of all scientific departments, divisions and units of the Institute, curricula and teaching plan. Manage internal email for departments, units and employees. Provide training courses in static web design Information

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