Library unit

Library of Mosul Technical Institute

Library Unit Statistics

Number of Associates 4

1-Banan A. Mahmood

2-Yamama Y. Thamara

3- Alya T. Abdalla

4- Ghadeer S. Ghanam

The Library has a private room for female staff, a spacious metaphor hall and a book store.

  • The number of students obtaining the library’s identity has reached 228.
  • The number of students who are borrowed 285.
  • The number of the borrowers from the professors 37.
  • The got to the library of books and modern discs 637.

That’s the Library movement during the academic year 2018-2019

The library of the Technical Institute is one of the oldest libraries in the city of Mosul and has become a scientific center and a platform for knowledge and knowledge through generations. The library of the Technical Institute was established in 1979, which was affiliated with the Institute of Technical Institutes and contains a collection of general books and all scientific disciplines. Near the main student club.

Library parts …

1- The library consists of a large bookstore with a total number of about 36400 thousand books, with 11919 titles between Arabic and Wanqizi. 2 – a room for female employees who do the work of the official library. 3 – A large hall to see our dear students prepared with all the amenities and atmosphere suitable for study.

The library offers its services to professors, graduate students and initial students from the Institute.

The mechanism of metaphor .. The metaphor begins with the beginning of the new academic year by providing the students with a special identity for the library, which is given through the library after the student has brought the identity of the institute and a personal picture.

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