career Deployment Center


career Deployment Center:

The career Deployment Center at the Technical Institute / Mosul was established within the formations of the Northern Technical University in 2017/6/13 by administrative order 3704/35/7 and entrusted with the tasks of training and developing graduates in all their departments.

Vision of the rehabilitation, employment and follow-up unit:

Developing and building the scientific, practical and personal skills and abilities of the students of the Technical Institute / Mosul in accordance with the local and international requirements of the labor market

Letter of Rehabilitation and Employment Unit:

The Unit aims to help the students and graduates of the Technical Institute / Mosul from various specialties to develop and build their own capacities, scientific, practical and life skills in line with the labor market, giving them the opportunity to compete for jobs after graduation in both public and private sectors. Of the public sector

Objectives of the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Unit:

Preparing and implementing training programs and workshops for students and graduates of the Technical Institute in line with the labor market. To open channels of communication with government institutions and the private sector and to build bridges of communication between graduates with different specialties and the labor market. Follow-up of students after their appointment in private sector institutions and assess the extent to which they have benefited from their competencies. Communicate with departments and scientific units within the technical institute and obtain a working paper that includes the labor market of each specialization within the public and private sectors. To introduce participants to the importance of the training module. The definition of the participant over the strength and influence of the trainee student on the reputation of the institution and the extent of production. Directing and instructing the students of the Technical Institute / Mosul to the importance of their various scientific competencies in which they were accepted. Functions of the Rehabilitation and Employment Unit:

The Unit is working on several special courses, including CV writing skills, interviewing skills, language and computer development courses, project management courses and many other courses. Development


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