Educational and Psychological Counseling Unit

Date of establishment of the unit

The unit was established on 22/3/2010, where the unit was named (social research unit) according to the book of the Technical Education Institute / Interior Departments No. 7/2/23555 on 17/12/2009. It includes the creation of the Social Research Unit. Educational and psychological guidance according to the book of Technical Education No. 5584 on 7/12/2012.

The message

Taking care of the social affairs of the students and upgrading the internal departments for the better.


Documenting students’ information according to their social status and class regression so that they can be dealt with in any problem and solved.


* Create a database that includes the names of students / college / department / stage / province / class decline / level of study and scientific.

* Special records are opened for students

1 – for students suffering from chronic diseases.

2 – For students who have problems.

3 – For students who are weak.

4 – Student activities and wishes.

5 – the most important problems (educational – economic – political) suffered by students.


1. The Unit Officer (Mr. Marwan Khalil Majid).

2- Social Researcher of Al-Mansour Housing Housing Complex (Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Ahmad).

Social researchers for housing students (Ms. Abeer Khairuddin Sultan) and Ms. (Basima Hanna).

3- The employee (Ms. Farah Abdel Razzaq) was assigned to the unit.

The unit

There is no teaching staff There is a technical staff (three technical staff).

Activities of the Unit

1 – Visit the internal sections of the Mansur complex and the Department of Female Students to find out the problems they suffer as well as housing requirements to raise their educational level.

2 – Visit the departments and faculties of students and students of the internal departments to find out their level of science and assess their level semi-annual and quarterly.

3 – Conducting seminars for supervisors and supervisors of the internal departments of how to deal with students on a regular basis.

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