Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division

The Vision :

The Division aims at being a center of excellence and innovation in quality practices through the application of modern quality systems, tools,  methodologies and quality assurance, as well as improving the quality of administrative and scientific performance in the institute and continuous development of the university education system.

The message :

The mission of the Division of Quality and University Performance is to ensure that the concept of quality is applied through the application of academic and administrative standards and evaluating the performance of the Institute in the light of these standards. As a result of this evaluation, we can provide a distinctive educational service within the framework of the mission of the Division based on its role in the process of permanent and continual development of all elements of the educational programs and following-up their implementation to achieve the goals as well as to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the Institute and its educational outputs.

The Objectives :

  1. Building distinguished experiences in the field of quality, evaluation and academic accreditation in university education.
  2. To instill awareness among the faculties members, employees and students of the importance of applying the quality system and accreditation and consolidating the information related to the mechanisms of quality assurance and accreditation through holding courses and forums.
  3. Following-up and implementing the institute policies to evaluate and ensure the quality of its academic and administrative units and to ensure that all objectives are understood by being convinced and enthusiastic to the employees
  4. Using the evaluation results in the ongoing development and improvement of programs and activities within the institute.
  5. Ensuring that the educational program, the curriculum and the educational materials directly related to the mission of the institute and are consistent with its goals and objectives.
  6. Contributing to achieve the objectives of the Institute to raise the academic level of the departments of the institute through the application of the concept of quality.
  7. Preparing data and statistics about the departments, divisions and units in the institute so that they can be used in writing reports related to the quality and academic accreditation.
  8. Conducting studies, conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops in the field of quality and academic accreditation.
  9. Proposing the formation of sub-committees and task forces needed to implement the quality objectives and activities of the university.
  10. Encouraging the spirit of competition between the people and the departments of the institute to improve the educational process and its outputs.
  11. Supporting the university to enter international classifications.

Functions and duties of the Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division:

  1. Following up and documenting the quality assurance procedures approved by the university
  2. Following up the implementation of the annual quality assurance plan
  3. Submitting recommendations, instructions and directions related to the quality assurance to the departments and units of the institute.
  4. Reviewing the local, regional and international quality standards and making use of them.
  5. Organizing seminars, workshops and introductory lectures for the institute and the university staff
  6. Answering book letters and correspondence inside and outside the institute.
  7. Following up the quality procedures in all the institute facilities and raising recommendations related to them.
  8. Documenting data for calendar files
  9. Preparing various reports related to quality, reliability and performance

Future Vision of the Quality Division Strategy

Developing the entire educational processes (academic and research) for the purpose of obtaining the accreditation of the accredited institutions, meeting the global requirements for quality assurance and upgrading the university level within the international classifications.

 The names of the employees of theQuality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division

T  Name Certificate  Title Mission
1 MOHAMMED KHALID YOSUF Master Assistant teacher Manager
2 BASSAM HASHEM JASIM Diploma Technical trainer Employee
3 MUHANAD MOHAMED MOHSEN Diploma Technical trainer Employee

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