Computer and Internet Division

Vision: – The center of the computer role as a service center that provides innovative services for information and communication technology in order to achieve the aspirations of the Institute and the community.

Mission: – Commitment to provide the requirements of information and communication technology through activities in the field of academic computing to create a broad base of work is responsible for advancing the status of information technology for development, training, research and consultation on the basis of quality.

Objectives: 1. Provide ICT services at the Institute to become a center for software development and application of new technologies and implementation to increase the efficiency and expertise of ICT workers in the society of the Institute. 2. Planning and implementation of the information infrastructure of the Technical Institute and its development. 4. Cooperation with the scientific departments and provide them with information services and technologies within the pilot projects and community services. 5. Develop the experiences of the members of the State Departments in the field of informatics and communications. 6. Automating office and accounting business to increase accuracy and reduce voltage and time. 7. Elimination of computer illiteracy through the establishment of training courses on the use of computers and applications of all kinds.

The electronic calculator center includes:

Internet module

The Internet Unit is the most communicative unit with all the divisions and divisions of the Institute. It is responsible for following up and providing the Internet service and dealing with all types of technical, technical and software problems for all computers and peripherals in the Institute. It is characterized by a distinguished professional engineering staff that provides all solutions to outstanding problems. Obstacles to employees in order to sustain and continue the tender and technical and administrative work at the Technical Institute.

The functions and functions of the Internet Unit can be summarized as follows:

Provision of Internet service in all sections and divisions of the Institute and follow-up lines and maintenance of the Internet periodically. Innovation of new services serving the network and subscribers. Participate in the development of technical specifications for the hardware and software that serve the operation of the network. Prepare the equipment with the appropriate programs and connect them to the scope of the network of the Institute, and ensure that it works well. Perform the necessary periodic maintenance on the devices (main servers) within the network of the Institute. Provide technical support in solving problems related to work stations in sectors operating within the network. Provide technical support in solving the difficulties related to Internet services provided to subscribers. Participate in the training of the Institute’s staff in the field of Internet and open various courses in this field. Provide technical support to subscribers of services such as: change password, restart subscription code, register new subscriber .. etc Computer Maintenance Unit / Electronic Computing Center

The Computer Maintenance Unit of the Electronic Computing Center is considered one of the important units in the Institute because it undertakes to repair and maintain the computers and its accessories in the scientific units and sections. The responsibility includes the following:

1 – Repair of desktop computers and laptops (Laptop) and replace the pieces of the unemployed.

2 – Download operating systems as well as application programs and scientific curricula for the first and second phases.

3 – An update of the software loaded on the computers.

4. Repair and maintenance of the attached devices from UPS devices, printers, scanners and data display devices.

5 – Maintenance of laboratories and computers in the scientific sections and linking computers to internal networks.

6- Provide support and support to the committees that work on computers and modern systems such as the examination committee, the student reception committee and the electronic form.

7 – Reception of summer training students for the purpose of training on the tasks entrusted to the unit.

8 – The staff of the computer maintenance unit to examine the new computers and peripherals as the technical committee and provide reports on the validity of the devices that are purchased for the Institute.

9 – The Computer Maintenance Unit provides advice and advice to computer users as well as experience in the field of software.

Multimedia Lab / Electronic Computing Center

Educational means are the most important needs of the educational process because it is important to increase the amount of information received by the learner in the shortest period of time in addition to the consolidation of information for the longest period of recipients.

The work of the laboratory is as follows:

1- To assist the teaching staff of the Institute in obtaining the teaching requirements of different teaching methods.

2- Recording educational films from educational satellite channels and preparing them according to specialization and delivering them to sections according to subjects.

3 – Download educational films from the Internet sites as requested by the teacher and the subject to be obtained.

4 – Perform technical operations from additions and montage and add scripts to films as needed.

5. Converting old ribbons and videos to the digital system to benefit from different topics.

6- Assist in the preparation of presentations for lectures and discussions.

7. Assist students in obtaining the graduation project requirements of different software and data.

8. The establishment of special courses for educational and graphic programs for the employees of the Institute to increase their experience in using them in the educational process.

9 – Provide the requirements of the members of the educational lessons for programs that are taught systematically in the departments.

10 – Prepare the designs for the publications needed by the different sections of the Institute.

Site Unit

The unit of the website is one of the most connected units with all sections and people of the Institute because it publishes activities and tasks, and everything related to the scientific department and the people, as well as the dissemination of electronic lectures for teachers and their curriculum vitae and the dissemination of seminars, courses and workshops at the Institute.

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