Community Health Department

The Vision:

The Community Health Department is a leading technical education institution providing quality programs inherent in the development of scientific knowledge and technical skills in various countries of the world. Community Health Section: The Section aims to develop technical staff working in the field of occupational health and safety, inspection and health control and implementation of primary health care programs and campaigns Health Awareness.

The Message:

To reflect the ethics of technical education through the provision of high quality technical education that seeks to develop human knowledge and skills that are compatible with the changes occurring in the environment and society.

The Amis:

Department of Community Health: The department aims to prepare technical staff working in the field of occupational health and safety, inspection and health control and the implementation of primary health care programs and health awareness campaigns.

  1. Achieving international standards in medical and medical technical education.
  2. To understand the progress in the field of work through the development of medical and health technical sections corresponding to the change in the treatment and preventive approach.
  3. Preparing a qualified and knowledgeable cadre to deal with the technological development in the field of work and the global environment.
  4. Provide the ideal environment as much as possible to achieve optimal learning.
  5. Emphasize self-esteem and respect for others.
  6. Continuing to keep abreast of the developments in various branches of medical and health specialization to enhance the skills and knowledge of the staff.
  7. Ensuring respect for the strict traditions of the university and the sanctification of the profession and its ethics.
  8. Emphasize the principle of lifelong learning for students and associates.


The Community Health Department aims to graduate medical technical staffs work in fields of health professional safety and in sector of heath inspection and supervision, helping on achievement the programs of primary health care, also to contribute in campaigns of health instructions, and to help the physician through the procedures of diagnosis, and treatment.

Characterization of the graduate job:

1- The graduate should work in team of health inspection and supervision helping into collecting samples from foods, water, or elsewhere as a laboratory survey about the disease as far as to know those resources compatibility in accord with heath conditions.

In addition, the graduate may help in achieving the primary health care programs through his controlling on the diarrhea infections, the acute respiratory diseases, and the improvement against the transitional contagious diseases, educating and encouraging mothers to think favorably about the breast-feeding as well as providing nutrition advices.

 2- Graduate work in the field of occupational health safety.

3- Graduate work in teams of Health Survey as well as in campaigns providing health guidance to the visited areas.

4- The graduate should help doctor in diagnostic procedures, therapeutic, and nursing.

5- Running and take caring apparatus in used as well as instruments used in diagnosis and treatment.

6- Participate in surveys for transitional contagious diseases and how to control on them.

Classroom  Namber: 3

Labrtories : 4

Number of published researc: 11

 Number of Students


First Stage 

Male Female Total
33 40 73

Second Stage 

Male Female Total
65 75 140

 Names of staff

No. Names of  staff
1 Haitham Abdullah Rajab
2 Fahad Khalaf Yaseen Mirbid
3 Liqa Khlid Ahmed
4 Thafer  Myasar Jabur
5 Nadia Abdul Razaq Jamal
6 Sabah Ali Ahmed
7 Atheer Amjad Rashad
8 Haneen Karam Farhad
9 Fahad Myasar Mohammed
10 Essam Aldeen Mohammed Ali
11 Zahied Mohammed Ali Esmaeel
12 Shukur Abdulkareem Mahmood

Websites of teachers

Name of student Graduates

The first six  of total students for academic year 2017 – 2018

No. Name
1 Elham Haidar Mari Hassan
2 Shamil Saeed Mohammed Saeed
3 Thamer Said Mohammed Saeed
4 Mohamed Nizar Ahmed Mustafa
5 Inas Younis Khalaf Jassim
6 Sabra Badran Abdel Hadi Mahmoud

Job Description:

The graduate will be qualified to work in the following:

  • Health inspection and sanitation groups and assist in laboratory investigation for the tested. samples and evaluate their qualification to health parameters.
  • Executing primary health care programs.
  • Health and occupational safety field.
  • Health survey and health education groups.
  • Helping the Doctors (Physicians) in the diagnostic and treatment processes during executing health programs.
  • Using medical instrumentations which are involved in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Participating in communicable diseases surveys and how to control them.

المناهج الدراسية:

المرحلة الأولى:

ت أسم المدرس أسم المادة الرابط
1 لقاء خالد الاحياء المجهرية

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2 ظافر ميسر مادة الحاسوب

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3 ظافر ميسر احصاء حياتي

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المرحلة الثانية:

ت أسم المدرس أسم المادة الرابط
1 نادية عبد الرزاق جمال الصحة والسلامة المهنية

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