Department of Agricultural Mechanization

The Vision

The future view of agricultural mechanization technical department is the development of education process and to rise it to high levels that walking towards expanding of agricultural mechanization field. So, this department will become the developed center in this specialized and contribute strongly to what the industries be needed, through providing the scientific and practical counseling to all interested workers in agricultural mechanization area that worked in special sectors or organization institutes. Also to support all agricultural sectors scientifically and practically by persons who have an experience and able to contribute in managements of agricultural mechanization related to management, maintenance, operating and repairing.

The Mission

The mission of agricultural mechanization department is concentrating about providing the scientific and practical planes to update an education programs and the syllabus to walking with modern technology in this field, depending on the machinery equipment, modern laboratories and workshops in adding to training and teaching staff.  The exchanging of experience between the student and teacher depends on the contribution of staff in international conferences and scientific symposiums so in final, these experiences will support the students in development in agricultural mechanization field.


The Goal

The goal of agricultural department is how to apply the vision and mission actively to graduate a technicians staff who able to learn the others and able to investigate all agricultural projects by using the modern agricultural machines, to investigate and rise the productions in terms in quality and quantity.  In addition, the making every effort tor reaching to self-sufficiency for our country and the stability of the markets.


Statistics of department:

No. State items
2 No. of students 1
3 No. of teaching staff  
4 No. of published articles  3




No. of classrooms

No. of laboratories

No. of workshopes


Names of Staff:

item Teaching staff
1 Luqman khaleel hayder
2 Abdul-Majeed habeeb mahmood
3 Faris Abdullah hamid
item Technicians ve administrators
1 Suheyl fathel yahya jasim
2 Othman abdul-jabbar mohammed
3 Mohammed adnan ramathan
4 Tariq shaban mehmeed
5 Nihal jamal hasan
6 Emad hanna kerromi
7 Odey ali mahmood
8 Hana edrees jarjis
Name Certificate The scientific title e.male googe scholar ORCID Publons Research Gate
luqman khaleel hayder M.Sc Assistant lecture
Abdulmejeed Habeeb Mahmod Doctorate lecture
Faris Abdullah Hamed M.Sc Assistant lecture hamid
item The first students / 2017-2018
1 Hasan hayder kijo omer
2 reyyan weleed mahomood jasim
3 kaed berekat shero khuthur

graduated year 2017-2018

Name of student item
1 Hasan Hayder kijo omer
2 reyyan weleed mahomood jasim
3 kaed berekat shero khuthur
4 luma mohmeed ali ata-allah
5 huda ihsan muhsin mohammed ali
6 husam adel seyf-Allah ali
7 shahe giro khedir joko
8 ibrahim mean ismaeel hasan
9 ali abdul-Alhameed mohammed sayid
10 thamir ata-Allah mohammed mustafa
11 omer abdulnasir abdul-Alrahman abed
12 muath newzet yonus abd-Allah
13 ahmed yaseen mahmood mohammed
14 zahra ayad aziz ali
15 mohammed thafer yahya mohammed
16 aymen khaled juma hamza

A brief history about the department:

The department was established in 1979 -1980 and since was founded thousands of students have been graduated yet of both sexes.

Laboratories and workshops:

Laboratory of computer

Laboratory of electricity

Laboratory of equipment to prepare the soil

Laboratory of engineering drawing

Sheltering space for the mechanics

Teaching Plan:

Department staff

(Teaching staff and technicians): as follows


Total number (16)

Four of them are out of duty since they have permission in satisfactory and\or authorized to do in another place

Doctorate total number (4)

Scientific Title

Assistant Professor 1

Teacher 3

Master: total number (6)

Scientific Title

Teacher 3

Assistant Lecturer 3

Bachelor: total number (6)

Scientific Title

Assistant Professor 1

Teacher 1

Assistant Lecturer 4

No. name Certificate Scientific  title Subject Specialization Notices
1 Abdulmajeed Habeeb Mahmood Doctorate Lecture Internal Combustion Engines/1st. class

Animal Production Machine/2nd. Class


Agric. Machine Hydraulic/2nd. class

Planting equipment  
2 Faris Abdullah Hamed Master Assistant lecture Harvesting Machine  / 2nd. Class

Agriculture Crop Service.2nd. class

Tractors/ 1st. stage

Animal production/1st. class

Plowing systems  
3 Luqman Khaleel Hayder Master Assistant lecture Design of machine/2nd. Class (in mechanic departmetn) Mechanic / production and metallurgy Head of department

B- Technicians

Technicians: total number (13)

Bachelor:  (4)

Scientific Title

Agronomist 2

Senior Head of T. Trainers:  (1)

Senior Technical Manager (1)

Technical Diploma total number of (9)

Senior T. Trainer (6)

Head of T. Trainers:    (1)

  1. Trainer Assistant: (1)

Technical Observer:    (1)

Managerial clerk: (1) this one doesn’t teach

No. name Certificate Scientific  title Subject Specialization   Notices
1 Othman Abduljabbar Mohammed Bsc. Senior Agr. Engineering Responsible of media Agricultural mach.  
2 Mohammed Adnan Ramathan Bsc. Senior Agr. Engineering Responsible of training of students Agricultural mach.  
3 Tariq Shaban Mehimeed Diploma Senior head of technician Responsible of interior combustion laboratory Agricultural mach.  
4 Emad Hanna Kerromi Diploma Observant technician Responsible of agricultural equipment laboratory Agricultural mach.  
5 Oday Ali Mahomood Diploma Observant technician Responsible of department store Agricultural mach.  
6 Nihal Jamal Hasan Diploma Senior head of technician Secretary Office management  
7 Hana Idrees Jarjees Midrate school Senior head of writer Responsible of library ———  

Total quorum of the total teaching staff = (120) hours per week

Total quorum of total technical staff = (144) hours per week

Publication Researchs

No. Name Scientific  title Publication Researchs
  Abdulmajeed Habeeb Mahmood Lecturer 4
  Faris Abdullah Hamed Assis. Lecturer 7
  Luqman Khaleel Hayder Assis. Lecturer 1
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