Libraries and Information Techniques Department

The vision: –

To prove that libraries and information centers have been and still are the primary and reliable target for beneficiaries and information seekers to ensure access to them despite recent and future challenges.

The message: –

Preparing a library and information specialists who have a sense of responsibility and honesty to serve the beneficiaries and researchers for quick, accurate and accurate access to information required through libraries and information centers in their traditional or electronic form exclusivelyز

The objectives: –

The academic program of the department aims to prepare technicians and technicians in the field of information and libraries capable of carrying out office activities related to the following fields:

  1. The student’s definition of the concept of traditional and electronic supply of information resources in libraries and information centers from purchasing, giving, exchange, etc., and how to formulate a policy for the development of holdings of all forms of traditional and electronic sources of information available on the websites of the international publishing houses and sites of free and free access to information and how to communicate with them. As well as the definition of the student how to create a proposed database for electronic supply in libraries and information centers and documentation.
  2. To identify all types of traditional and electronic sources of information and electronic, and to identify traditional encyclopedias and dictionaries that provide the required information and modern electronic available on CDs or on the Internet and how to obtain information.
  3. Learn how to search the Internet, access to free desktop database sites, etc., and how to search for sources of information available and how to obtain them.
  4. Identifying the traditional methods of indexing the various sources of information according to the AACSA2 rules and methods of classification according to Dewey decimal system.
  5. To identify the modern methods of indexing information sources in various forms according to the modern automated rules such as (RDA). Description of available sources using Koha system and Mark 21 records.
  6. To identify traditional library and automated information services from indexing, retrieval, loan and search services, ongoing briefing, selective transmission of information, etc.
  7. Learn about modern libraries from digital libraries, virtual libraries, their locations, ways to access them, and how to connect computer networks and forms
  8. To identify library management assets, organization structure of libraries and information center
  9. Learn about modern libraries from digital libraries and virtual libraries and ways to access them and retrieve sources of information from them.
  10. Learn how to set up office databases through Access system applications, how to process them, set up cards and reports, and set up queries to access the information required for retrieval.
  11. To identify free office databases available on the Internet and ways to interact with them in order to retrieve the required information.
  12. The use of modern technologies that are related to the applications of the calculator when working in different office systems of libraries and information centers.
  13. Identifying information networks and methods of connecting computers and their forms to building unified office databases and the common retrieval of the required information.
  14. Identifying the organization structure of libraries and information centers and library management assets.

History of the Department of Information Technology and Libraries

The library management department has been  established in 1985-1986 on the recommendation of the Ministry of Education at that time, as it showed that its need for graduates of libraries in time, which is 25.000 cadres and the middle section still monitor the need of the labor market cadres graduates of this section graduates are entitled to the top ten of the number Students in the Department completed their studies in the departments of libraries in Iraqi universities to obtain a bachelor’s degree, as well as the name of the department of library management and is currently the Department of Information Technology and Missions.

Study Plan 2018/2019

First year

second year

Curriculum Vitae (C.V):

  1. Amthal Shihab
  2. Ayad Taha
  3. Ban Ahmad
  4. Manaf Abdalelah Ib
  5. Maytham mohammed
  6. Yusra Ahmad

Statistics Department of Information Technology and Libraries for the academic year 2019/2018:

1- Preparation of students

First row :     127

Second row: 140

Total  :          267

2 – Preparation of classrooms:

Number of halls:             2 hall

Number of laboratories: 3 laboratories

Total:                              5 of laboratories and halls

3 – Number of teachers: 7 teachers

Names of teaching staff and associates

  1. Ban Ahmed Hamoudi
  2. Amthal  Shehab Ahmed
  3. Ayad Taha Hamid
  4. Maitham Mohamed Nouri
  5. Yousry Ahmed Jarges
  6. Manaf Abd Allah Ibrahim
  7. Hussein Attieh Rajab
  8. Abdelkader Ahmed Ali
  9. Ahmed Reda Ismail
  10. Fatima Muzaffar Mahmoud
  11. Fadia Qassim Salim
  12. Areej Mohamed Fadel


First Year:

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Descriptive indexing Download
Information and libraries Download
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second year:

Subject Link
Information technology Download
Objective indexing Download
Information and libraries Download
Databases Download
Information services Download
Computer applications Download

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