Branch Operation Units


The department looks forward to build an educational technical system within, a framework of academic and practical application, taking into account the latest scientific development and chemical industries based on the quality system and in the development of performance based on the needs of scientific development.


The graduated students of Chemical Industries Department shall hold a technical diploma in Chemical Industries / branch operation units , after they are providing with all the scientific information ( theoretical, applied and practical ) in the field of ​​operation industrial units and operating conditions control , information in the field of maintenance of these units as well as workers safety. The graduated students shall be also providing with information about the laboratory tests for raw materials and products, through given lectures using the modern means, taking into account the development in this specialty and through experiments already have been done in laboratories and workshops of the section.


Specialization is put forward to graduate qualified technical staffs to carry out running equipment units in the chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries and performing laboratory tests for chemical and physical properties of raw materials and products, so that they are in conformity with the international standard specifications. Also the graduates shall be qualified to carry out preventive maintenance and periodic maintenance for industrial units as well as units control operation, taking into account the safety at work in order to achieve the best produce at a lowest cost.

Characterization of graduate work:

1- Run and control the operation of equipment of various chemical industrial units.

2- Do chemical, physical tests in laboratory for raw materials, noticing resulting and contributing materials with a group of cadres those who are specialized in making modifications and improvements to the industrial units.

3- The graduate should have familiarity with drawings, maps, and industrial charts.

4- Implement the periodic maintenance as well as to do the preventive maintenance for the chemical industrial unit.

Short historical view about the Department:

The Department of Chemical Industries in the Technical Institute / Mosul was founded in 1979 and it has one branch, which it is the branch of industrial units operation.

Its units, its laboratories, its workshop had been set up by a Japanese company at the time. The department has admission on preparatory -school and only to those who are graduated from the scientific branch.

The duration of the study in the department is two calendar years in which it is equal to (3) years of study; as other Institute departments, the graduates rewarded a technical diploma. Entitled to (10%) graduates top of successful first-round have to supplement their university studies in the College of Chemical Engineering or its equivalent (engineering of fuel and energy or engineering of oil refining ) to obtain a bachelor’s degree . Most of the teachers teaching staff have specialization in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Science and some of them have field practices in the factories. The department assisted and yet assists the industrial sector, public and private by technical cadres centrist trained to run industrial units. The personnels of the department since its inception have been delivering courses and scientific lectures and seminars attended by others personnels of the Institute and a number of society segments. The department has for several years some of manufacturing chemical products such as detergents (liquid soap and colourizing materials), distilled water, and batteries acids. The department participates in consultant – office to conduct some laboratory tests for several governmental sectors, mixed sector in addition noticeably its cadres provided some technical and engineering consultations.

The personnels of the department according to what specifications are available trying to develop laboratories through their own efforts and through import laboratory equipments to keep pace with the evolution of modern science made ​​in all areas.

Laboratories and workshops:

The department has several laboratories and workshops where many students receive practical lessons and practical study through the two years of study and it includes:

Laboratory for operation mechanical units (first class)

Physical chemistry lab         (first class)

General Chemistry Lab          (first class)

Laboratory of oil- manufacturing   (second class)

Laboratory of chemical industries     (second class)

Laboratory of measurements and control (second class)

Laboratory of run thermal units            (second class)

Research Laboratory (lab- late Dr. Azzam Abdul Aziz)

In addition to helping laboratories, there are laboratories for computer practical teaching, mechanical workshops and laboratory of minerals.

Teaching staff (teachers and technicians)

Teaching plan:

A- Teachers:

No. name Certificate Scientific  title Subject Specialization Notices
1 Dr. Hoda Abdul Razzaq al-Bakri Ph.D. Assistant Professor Light oils Industrial chemistry Head of department
2 Dr.. Arwa Mohammed Osman Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemical industries Industrial chemistry  
3 Dr. Ali Younis Hamed Ph.D. Lecturer Physical chemistry PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY  

Department Rapporteur

4 Dr. Wajdan Mohammed Saleh Ph.D. Lecturer Oil Technology Industrial chemistry head of branch
5 Dr.. Rawia Zaghloul Saeed Ph.D. Lecturer Physical chemistry Physiological organic chemistry  
6 Dr. Asmaa Mohammed Bakr Ph.D. Lecturer Physical chemistry PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY  
7 Dr.. Rana Sami Ph.D. Lecturer general chemistry analytical chemistry  
8 Dr.. Haidar Ismail Ph.D. Lecturer Transmission material- Mechanical operation Chemical Engineering  
9 Louay Mohamed Fadel Master’s degree Lecturer general chemistry Organic Chemistry  
10 Perivan Abdul Jabbar Qasim bachelor’s degree lecturer Properties of materials- Building instruments Chemical Engineering  
11 Mahmoud Khalil Salim Master’s degree lecturer Assistant Chemical industries Industrial chemistry  
12 Reem Talal Nazir Master’s degree lecturer Assistant Oil Technology Organic Chemistry Head of bransh
13 Iman Abdul Ghani Mohammed bachelor’s degree lecturer Assistant Mathmatical Physics Science  

B- Technicians:

No. name Certificate Scientific  title Subject Specialization       Notices
1  waeade Nayef Ahmed bachelor’s Head coaches. Senior technicians General Chemistry – Industrial Safety chemistry
2 Yahya Adel Yahya bachelor’s Assistant Chief Engineers Thermal operation Chemical Engineering
3 Mazen Ismail kaser diploma Head coaches. Senior technicians General Chemistry – Industrial Safety Chemical industries
4 Khaled Jamil Ezz El Din bachelor’s Head coaches. Senior technicians Thermal operation – Transmission – mechanical operation Chemical Industries – Calculator
5 Ziad Khalil Ahmed diploma Head of Technical Observers Transmission – mechanical operation Chemical industries
6 Osama Khalil diploma Observant technician Physiological-measurements and control-measurements and transfer of ownership Chemical industries
7 Hanna Shaba Behnam diploma Head of the oldest technical trainers Oil – light oils Chemical industries
8 Majed Ismail Elias bachelor’s Technical Trainer Oil – mechanical operation – light oils Fuel and energy
9 Hamed Mal Allah Fathi bachelor’s Assistant Chief Engineers Engineering Drawing – Building Materials – Properties of Materials TEPRIDING AND AIRCRAFT ENGINEERING
10 Mohamed Wad Allah Amin diploma Head of the oldest technical trainers General Chemistry – Transmission Article Chemical industries
11 Alaa Mohammed Saeed Yassin bachelor’s Senior technical trainer Chemical-physiological industries chemistry
12 Ihab Jassem Mohammed bachelor’s Senior technical trainer Calculator-geometric sketch Chemical Industries – Calculator
13 Saddam Mohammed Sobhi diploma Observant technician Industries – oil – light oils Chemical industries
14 Salwa Mti Razouki diploma Assistant. Technical Manager Calculator-Measurements-Engineering Drawing Electronic
15 Sana Nizar Nour El Din diploma Technical trainers calculator Office Management Secretariat

Curriculum Vitae:

  1. Ali yonis hamed
  2. Arwa mohammed Othman
  3. asmaa baker naeif
  4. bearyvan abd aljabar
  5. Eman abdul al ghani mohammed
  6. Haider Ismail Ibrahim
  7. Huda Abdul Razzak Younes
  8. luay mohammad fadhil
  9. Mahmood .Kh. Saleem
  10. Rana sami saeed
  11. Rawya Zaghlool Said
  12. Reem talal natheer
  13. Wajdan mohammed salih
  14. Wasan fakhree shakir

Publication Researches:

No. Name Scientific  title Publication Researchs
1 Dr. Hoda Abdul Razzaq al-Bakri Assistant Professor 9
2 Dr.. Arwa Mohammed Osman Assistant Professor 11
3 Dr. Ali Younis Hamed lecturer 2
4 Dr. Wajdan Mohammed Saleh lecturer 4
5 Dr.. Rawia Zaghloul Saeed lecturer 5
6 Dr. Asmaa Mohammed Bakr lecturer 3
7 Dr.. Rana Sami lecturer 2
8 Dr.. Haidar Ismail lecturer
9 Louay Mohamed Fadel lecturer 4
10 Perivan Abdul Jabbar Qasim lecturer 4
11 Mahmoud Khalil Salim lecturer Assistant 2
12 Reem Talal Nazir lecturer Assistant 2
13 Iman Abdul Ghani Mohammed lecturer Assistant
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