Department of Anesthesia Techniques

Vision :-

Anesthesia is a great science in the field of medicine and surgery, and through anesthesia, the surgeon can identify the pain spots in the patient’s body and treat them and facilitate the operations that need to sleep the patient and his sleep and the period may be relatively long. The preparation of the patient before the operation is of great importance to the success of any operation without damage and complications and problems may appear on the patient during the surgery and after these measures (blood pressure, pulse, temperature)

In addition, the emptying of the stomach and intestines from the contents of the stomach and the absence of food for the patient in the morning of the operation and shaving the site of the operation is one of the necessary procedures followed by the staff to prepare the patient for the operation of his surgery. In the advancement of medical sciences and helped greatly in the diagnosis of the exact and early for the various diseases that were detected and treated is one of the miracles in time and these devices:

1 – Large and important equipment used in the anesthesia department

2 – Large and important machines located in the Department of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and those in the intensive care rooms, which helps in monitoring the patient and follow developments and complications that may occur to the patient, for example, ECG device and the monitoring device and electric shock.

The graduates of the scientific study are accepted exclusively and the duration of the study is two calendar years.

the message :-

The Department will produce students under the supervision of an anesthesiologist who works under the supervision of a specialist in anesthesia in the operating theaters and intensive care units (cardiopulmonary resuscitation and pulmonary resuscitation).

Target :-

The department aims to provide the operation halls and intensive care units with staff through qualifying the graduate to be familiar with the scientific and practical information and skills that qualify him to obtain a diploma and practice his profession as an anesthetic assistant.

He must acquire the following sciences and skills:

1- To know the anatomy of the human body and the diseases that affect it in general and to focus on diseases that are affected or interfere with the anesthesia process.

2 – Know the types of equipment, equipment, chemicals and medicines used before, during and after anesthesia, including operation, maintenance, maintenance and control during anesthesia.

3 – Knowledge of the rules of public health and the acquisition of biologically vital and basic information that belong to organs, organs and cells in the human body.

4 – Gain experience in dealing with emergency situations and face them with quick and correct treatments in order to save the patient’s life.

Work description of the graduate: –

One of the most important duties and tasks required to be performed by the anesthetist towards patients during anesthesia and surgical procedures are:

1 – Prepare the anesthesia machine and ensure its safety as well as the preparation of tools and devices necessary.

2 – Ensure the presence of the surgeon and anesthesiologist and all the equipment and help the anesthesiologist during the process.

3 – the processing of drugs and anesthesia equipment.

4 – Monitoring the patient during anesthesia and do the following:

Pulse measurement, pressure and breathing Giving the patient the medicine he needs under the supervision of the anesthesiologist Install the blood supply device when needed. Assistance in emergency accidents during anesthesia Accompany the patient after the operation to the recovery room. About the Department:

The Department of Anesthesiology was established in 1976-1977 and was affiliated with the Health Education and Training Foundation of the Ministry of Health. The department works with the rest of the departments as a system to rehabilitate and graduate students from different scientific departments including (assistant anesthetist / pharmacist assistant / radiology photographer / medical assistant / preventive assistant / The health departments were connected to the Institute of Technical Institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 1987-1988. The health departments were renamed “Anesthesiology / Pharmacy / Radiology / Community Health / Nursing” A preventive assistant and a statistician In one section is the community health department.

Labs & Workshops Section: –

The study includes two aspects: theoretical, practical and practical.

Theoretical side deals with the study of medical and maintenance materials for the first two stages: includes (principles of anesthesia / anatomy / physiology / clinical chemistry / biology / medical physics / nursing / calculus).

Phase II: Includes anesthesia / intensive care / pharmacology / medical devices / internal and surgical medicine / computer / occupational behavior).

The practical aspect is training in the department’s laboratories for the first and second phases. The labs include anesthesia, anatomy, physiology, intensive care, nursing, pharmacology, instrumentation, clinical chemistry, medical physics, and internal medicine. The theoretical study, as for the applications (there is systematic training and including the hospital, especially in the operating theaters and respiratory care and cardiac care) and the rate of two days a week and throughout the school year, and there is summer training during the summer vacation, Students in operating theaters and intensive care units in order to gain practical experience and complete the academic qualification as this is a graduation requirement. Operations and intensive care rooms are provided exclusively by graduates of the Anesthesiology Department each year.

Educational and technical staff: –

Training: Total number (7)

PHD Number (4) Scientific title Assistant Professor Teacher 1

Master degree (1) Scientific title Assistant Lecturer

Bachelor of Total Number (2) Scientific title Teacher 1 Assistant Lecturer

Technicians: Total number (10)

Bachelor of total number (

Teahing Plan:

First Year:

Second Year:


No. name Certificate Scientific  title Subject Specialization   Notices
1 Khairuddin Mohammed Suleiman Ph.D. lecture Clinical Chemistry Clinical Chemistry
2 Zeina Yehia Kassem MASTER lecture Microbiology Microbiology
3 Ikram Ahmed Mahmoud Bch lecture Medical physics Physics
4 Samir KassemKhalil Bch assistant lecture computer Computer


No. name Certificate Scientific  title Subject Specialization   Notices
1 Mohammed Ramadan Mohammed Associate Head Instructor Practical anesthesia

Training hospitals

Theoretical and practical nursing

2 Firas Radwan Mahmoud Senior technical trainer Anatomy of my work Training


Practical care

3 Tahseen Jamal Jalal Technical Diploma Head of the oldest technical trainers Practical technique anesthesia
4 Haitham and Adallah Daoud Technical Diploma Chief Medical Technician Practical mystical



5 Iman Hikmat Sherif Technical Diploma Senior technical trainer Chemistry

Microbiological revival


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أسم المدرس أسم المادة الرابط
1 زينة يحيى قاسم الاحياء المجهرية للتحميل انقر هنا
2 اكرام احمد محمود الفيزياء الطبية للتحميل انقر هنا
سمير قاسم خليل- الحاسوب التخدير -الاول – لحاسب -المقدمة والفايروسات -ا.سمير قاسم التخدير الاول الحاسبة از سمير قاسم خليل (المكونات) التخدير -الاول -الحاسبة- الويندوز 7 -ا.سمير قاسم خليل محاضرات الثاني حاسبة سمير قاسم خليل (1) محاضرات الثاني حاسبة سمير قاسم خليل (2)
4 د. خير الدين محمد الكيمياء السريرية للتحميل انقر هنا
5 و


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أسم المدرس أسم المادة الرابط
1 سمير قاسم خليل -الحاسوب -قسم التخدير الثاني – الحاسبة- محاضرات الاكسل 10- ا.سمير قاسم خليل التخدير-الثاني-الانترنيت- ا. سمير قاسم خليل

Publication Researchs

No. Name Scientific  title Publication Researchs
1 Khairuddin Mohammed Suleiman

Ikram Ahmed  Mahmoud

lecture Production  of local Maize flour and syrp
2 Khairuddin Mohammed Suleiman lecture Antenatil care and field study Antenatil clinic of Sharqia center
3 Sameer qasem kahleel assistant lecture Effect of Combine application and inorganic Fertilizer on growth compnent and yield Ninevah provice , north of Iraq

Curriculum Vitae (C.V):

  1. Ikram Ahmad Mahmud
  2. Khier Al deen mohammed
إعداد وتصميم: م.م ماهر طلال الأسعدي