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The Department of Pathological Analysis is the effective means to meet the needs of the community of specialized staff in supporting the various health, research and educational institutions, in addition to investing the energies of teaching staff and students in theoretical and applied scientific research and studies as well as training, awareness and health and scientific mobilization. Acquiring high technical and professional expertise and using it scientifically and academically according to a sophisticated methodological perspective.

the message:-

The Department of Pathological Analysis was established in accordance with the need of the community to provide specialized service staff with scientific specifications and modern technical standards, preparing these cadres to work in various health and research institutions as well as supporting the private sector. The department has a clear future message with high ambition. The fields of scientific research and knowledge and the opening of graduate studies the university’s specialized balance as well as the services of the community and expand the horizons of scientific cooperation with the relevant departments in order to achieve integration.


The department aims to graduate technical staff capable of working in medical laboratories, conducting routine laboratory analyzes, general chemical tests, fluid testing, operation and maintenance of laboratory equipment.

Work description of the graduate: –

Qualifies a graduate of this specialization to do the following works

1. Perform laboratory work related to the isolation, dyeing, examination of the bacteria in the clinical specimens.

2 – Preparation and sterilization of all agricultural and food inspection for food contamination.

3 – Perform all the analyzes and tests that concern the blood.

4 – Conducts tests of blood and body fluids and various (knee fluids, spinal cord fluid, ulcer, semen)

5 – Prepare the tissue slices of various organs of the body and prepare for examination.

6 – Prepare all laboratory solutions.

7. Operates and maintains medical laboratory equipment used in pathological analysis laboratories.

8 – Work in laboratory inquiries, including receipt of models and the process of drawing blood and patient guidance and delivery of results as well as carrying out the storage of the stores of medical laboratories

Teaching Plan:

First Year:

Second Year:


No. name Certificate Scientific  title Subject Specialization   Notices
1 Salah Al – Din Mohammed Abdulaziz Ph.D. professor general chemistry analytical chemistry  
2 Thaer Idris Younis Ph.D. Assistant Professor Head of Department chemistry  
3 Diaa Abdel-Younis Ph.D. Assistant Professor Bacteria Microbiology  
4 Mohamed Hesham Sharif Ph.D. Assistant Professor immunity Life sciences  
5 Shehab Ahmed Yousef Ph.D. Assistant Professor clinical Chemistry Life Chemistry  
6 Ali Mohammed Saadi Ph.D. Lecturer Course Section Food Science  
7 Jinan Idris Mohamed M.A. Lecturer general chemistry chemistry  
8 Wajdan Salem Kassem M.A. Lecturer Histology and Anatomy Life sciences  
9 Rana Salal Hassan M.A. Assistant Lecturer Laboratory techniques Life sciences  
10 Safa Mohamed Amin BA Assistant Lecturer parasites Life sciences  


No. name Certificate Scientific  title Subject Specialization   Notices
1 Ahmed Ajeel Ali BA Head of the oldest technical trainers Practical laboratory techniques Satisfactory analyzes  
2 Nourieh Shoaib Mohammed BA Head of the oldest technical trainers Histological slides Satisfactory analyzes  
3 Hazem Mohammed Ali Diploma Head of the oldest technical trainers Practical blood transfusion Satisfactory analyzes  
4 Alia Shaker Ahmed BA Head of the oldest technical trainers Practical bacteria Life sciences  
5 Sawsan Moyed Ziauddin BA Biologically Practical immunity Life sciences  
6 Mohammed Jamal Abdul Razzaq BA Biologically Practical blood diseases Life sciences  
7 Alaa Nizar Mohammed BA Senior technical trainer Practical blood diseases Life sciences  
8 Mounir Yahya Ali Diploma Senior technical trainer Histological slides Satisfactory analyzes  
9 Laith Ezzeddine Ismail BA Medical Technician Trainee Practical clinical chemistry Satisfactory analyzes  
10 Mohammed Younis Mohammed diploma Senior technical trainer Practical Chemistry Satisfactory analyzes  

Publication Researchs

Curriculum Vitae (C.V):

  1. Ali Mohamed Saadi Tawfiq
  2. Thaira IdressYounis Yousif

Number of teachers: 12

Number of tecnitions: 13

Number of students for academic year 2018 – 2019

First class: 135

Second class: 498

Total: 633

Number of classroom: 3

Number of laboratories: 11

Name of the first students for academic year 2017-2018

  1. Zain Mohammed Hamid Mohammed
  2. Mohammed Mustafa Saleh Ali
  3. Rawa Muthanna Ahmed Mahmoud
  4. Marwa Abdel Rahman Abdel Baqi Abdel Rahman
  5. Manar Ahmed Abdel Hadi Abdel Salam
  6. Ahmed Ali Mohamed Hamdan
  7. Haidar Fadel Yassin witnessed
  8. Hussein Ali Saleh Mohammed
  9. The Knight of Nayef Sultan

Names of staff

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The names of graduate students for academic year 2017

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