Department of Plant Production

Department of Plant Production


Technical Institute / Mosul

Plant Production Techniques Department

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About the Department

Established: 1987

Section Objectives



                     The Plant Production Department represents a scientific and practical rehabilitation center to prepare a cadre that feeds the agricultural sector in the country in particular and the society in general with scientific and practical competencies that meet the needs of the country as well as quality and equipped with labor requirements in the field of agriculture in all its specialties. Scientific medium and efficient operation, and equipped with work experience to implement agricultural programs in the field of agricultural production in all its specialties.

  1. Message:

 The Department is working on the development of agricultural technical cadres that contribute to the development of the agricultural sector with its various branches and specialties, introducing modern technologies in the field of agricultural production in its vertical and horizontal sections and introducing modern agricultural sciences such as teaching organic agriculture (clean agriculture), which contributes significantly to the cleanliness of the environment and purification of contaminants Chemical and insecticides, and the use of all organic waste in this kind of agriculture, and the graduate is equipped with practical and technical skills that enable him to implement agricultural programs through his interaction with competent scientific competencies and agricultural engineers to reach the best roads To implement the plans and projects in the best way to achieve creativity for the purpose of promoting rural and rural realities in the Iraqi country to suit the recent developments in agriculture globally or to the extent reached by some neighboring countries of agricultural progress.

  1. Objective:

         The department aims to prepare and qualify technical cadres and boxers who understand the technical knowledge and work in the field of agricultural production in the departments and the agricultural divisions and the departments that contain people and agricultural units such as municipal and other departments. The graduate is qualified to work in the fields of all agricultural specialties, the use of modern agricultural mechanization in agricultural production and production of all Cultivation and improvement of plants, control of bush, production of summer and winter field crops, fodder crops, production of fruit seedlings, ornamental and foliage plants. As well as the design, establishment and engineering of gardens and the resistance of diseases and insects that affect crops of all kinds. The introduction of organic agriculture recently, called clean agriculture, which relies on vital inputs after the use of chemicals, and management of agricultural fields and provide their requirements in order to ensure the best productivity as well as ” “He said. Which includes the production of fruits, vegetables and modern orchards and the establishment of nurseries for the production of various types of seedlings (fruit, decorations, vegetables, forests), as well as in the design and construction of gardens and work in the field of field crops production and improvement of plants and in the resistance of plant diseases and bush, In order to ensure the best possible productivity.


Qualifications of a graduate of the Department of Plant Production Techniques

Qualifying graduates of this specialization to carry out the following works:

1- Working in the field of producing different seedlings in private nursery or government.

2- Working in the field of modern horticulture and fruit production.

  1. Work in the field of engineering, landscaping, planting and sustaining the gardens, whether governmental or domestic

4- Working in the field of consulting offices to provide various agricultural services.

  1. Work in the field of plant breeding and improvement.
  2. Work in field crops and bush control.

7 – Working in the field of beekeeping and management of the dead.

8- Working in the field of plant protection such as diseases and insects.

9 – work in the management of agricultural fields.

10 – Working in the production of winter and summer vegetables.

11 – Management of grain silo laboratories and how to scale them.

  1. Work in the production of fodder crops.

13 – Full knowledge of the types of arable soil or not.

Laboratories and workshops of the Section:

1- Laboratories of plant protection

2- Laboratory of soil

3- Laboratory of field crops

4- Laboratory of computer

5- Laboratory of botany

6- The Greenhouse

7- The Glass House

8- The wooden- canopy

9- The gardens of the Technical Institute\ Mosul

10- Educational nursery

The department staffs

A- Teachers

Total number 16

Doctorate: total number 2

Scientific Title

Assistant Prof 1

Teacher 1

Master: total number 7

Scientific Title

Assistant Prof 3

Teacher 3

Assistant Lecture 1

Bachelor: total number 7

Scientific Title

Teacher 3

Assistant Lecture 4


Total number 8

Technical diploma: total number 8

Senior Head of T. Trainers 3

  1. Trainer Assistant 5

Quorum of total hours teaching staff \ week = (170) hours per week

Quorum of total hours technicians staff \ week   = 136 hours per week

إعداد وتصميم: م.م ماهر طلال الأسعدي