Department of Animal Production


The founding of Animal Production Department is represented as a scientific, cultural, and intellectual radiance center influentially feeds Iraqi community in particular and the Arabic community in general with technical graduates who meet needs of communities quantitatively and qualitatively.

The department includes specialized teaching branches: (the Animal Production and the Animal Health) which are supplied with high educational supplies such as (typical laboratories for teaching students, Internet, specialized technical competent cadres have higher certificates in the specific field…etc…). Both open- learning system and distance education system are depended.


The department message is to qualify agricultural technical cadres are responsible to direct management of livestock fields, domestic fowl, management of artificial insemination centers, hatcheries, fishing farm, small and big butcheries, dispensaries and veterinaries clinics.

Those graduated cadres should have high competence to manage successfully the above-mentioned utilities and should be able to change the plans and goals into action and work in its high quality.

Thus, the graduated technicians shall be, as a connecting link between the manager and the personnels, undertaking interpretation the plans and goals of the organization and the manager idea to be acted and achieved easily by personnels.


The objective of the department is to qualify technical cadres taking on their shoulders the activities relating to their jobs whether in public sector or in private sector.

Characterization of graduate job:

The graduate should practice in the following:

1- Practicing the activities of both quantitative and quantitative tests related to livestock fodder as to be fit with the required specifics.

2- Practicing the activities, these related to animal fields, and veterinary clinics.

3- Storing the foddering materials in using different techniques of storage and should supply the suitable circumstances

4- Managing the records of different animal fields and organizing, filling up the specific instruments related to animal fields

5- Practicing the activities relating to the management of butcheries and the veterinary dispensaries

6- Using computer programs are specific to animal fields and fodder management

7- Using the market survey in order to know the requests of consumers’ desire about animal products such as (eggs, meats, milk…etc…)

8- Contributing on treatment of the epidemic diseases, which affect the farming animals; giving the vaccines, fortifications against disease, in order to limit the infections

9- Practicing the activities that have relation to dairy industry pursuant to developed scientific methods to be provident according to the plans of the production and to the available statements given out of market study

10- The graduate should have practices on the activities related to poultry fields and hatching places within the poultry fields.

11- Practicing the activities of close relation to artificial fertilization management and the applied services related to artificial fertilization in the areas governed by Nineveh Province.

Shot Historical view about the department:

The department was founding in 1979 where had been followed to the Agricultural Institute in Nimrod; the first graduated year of its students was in 1980-1981.

Laboratories and workshops of the department:

There are four laboratories in the department as:

1- Laboratory of nutrition

2- Laboratory of physiology

3- Laboratory of fish

4- Laboratory of computers

Curriculum Vitae (C.V):

  1. Afrah younis Jasim
  2. Ali kh.mohammed
  4. Dr. Fawwaz Fadhil Ali
  5. Elham Abdul Hameed
  6. Layla kasim ebrahim
  8. Muwafaq Mustafa Yaseen
  9. Sanaa Gazei Omer

A- Teachers:

Total number—- (12)

Doctorate 1

Scientific Title

Teacher 1

Master: total number 8

Scientific Title

Prof 1

Out of the duty 1 (permission to study abroad)

Teacher 2

Assistant Lecture 5

Bachelor: total number 3

Scientific Title

Assistant Prof 1

Teacher 1

Assistant Lecture 1

B- Technicians

Total number 6

Scientific Title

Head Assistant of T. Trainers 1

Senior T. Trainer 1

  1. Trainer Assistant (2)

Technical Observer Assistant (2)


Total quorum of teaching staff \ week = 62 hours per week

Total quorum of technicians staff = 96 hours per week

إعداد وتصميم: م.م ماهر طلال الأسعدي