Department of Materials Management Technique



The establishing of  Materials management Technique Department is as a scientific, cultural , and intellectual radiation center influentially feeds Iraqi community in particular and Arab community in general with competent technical graduates fulfilling their needs quantitatively and qualitatively. The department includes three particularistic branches (storage, purchases and marketing) all of them are supplied with high quality supported by Higher Education pre-requisites such as (typical laboratories to train students, Internet, smart blackboards, technical cadres of scientific skills in the field of specialization…etc…). Both of open learning system and distance education system have been depended.



Its message is to create cadres of technology management are engaged in materials management with knowledge of academic and practical skills that qualifying them to convert plans and goals into action and work in much high quality.

Thus, the graduates should be, as a connecting link between the manager and staff, undertaking interpreting the plans and goals of the organization as well as the thought of the manager to be well acted and accomplished by personnels.



Objectively department view  is to pave the way for technical cadres to be qualified in practicing special activities concerning to: purchases, production, storage, and marketing both in goods and services, in the field of labor related to organizations of business whether in public sector or in private sector.


Characterization of graduate job:

1- Practicing the special activities “quantitative and qualitative tests” for the receiving items, make compatibility with the required properties as well as receiving the items and interring them in the storage records.

2- Practicing the activities related to classification and tabulation of the materials.

3- Test, arrange, delivering the materials and store them in using different techniques of storage, providing the suitable conditions in the store.

4- Record-keeping inventory and organize the related documents and save them.

5- Prepare the necessary data for procurement, production, storage and preparation of statements concerning to the control of the materials and follow the movement of materials inventory.

6- The graduate should learn how to use computer software for the management of materials and marketing activities and procurement activities.

7- The graduate also may practice the market study to determine the needs and desires of consumers.

8- Should be enabled practicing the marketing activities according to the market requirements.

9- Creating suitable outlets for goods and services

10- The graduate should learn how to use the scientific methods in order to promote the products and how to do advertisement.

11- Preparing the necessary data for marketing operations and the preparation of statements relating thereto

12- The graduate should practice how to use of scientific methods in the planning and estimating the annual needs of the materials and supplies necessary for the production and ensure its continuation.

13- The graduate should practice the activities related to planning process of buying annual needs according to advanced scientific methods, and should provide the purchased materials in accord with production plans, and on the  light of the available data from studies of the market.

14- Organization of purchase orders and follow-up needs and prepare statements relating thereto.

15- Supplying production lines as far as the needed materials according to appropriate schedules, following-up the inventory of production yet under manufacturing made ​​between production lines and that got finished at the end of the production lines.

caThe vobulary of the first stage plan

caThe vobulary of the second stage plan

Research of teachers during the year of the plan:

Short historical view about the department:

The department is established in 1980-1981.

Curriculum Vitae (C.V):

  1. Dr. Shahla Salim Khalil Jawad
  2. Hala Hazem Abdullah
  3. Hanan Ihsan Khaleel
  4. Iman Dhannoon Younis
  5. Jamal Abdulla Mokhlif
  6. Jasim.M.Hasso
  7. Monaa Younis Saeed
  8. Nidal Abid Mohammed
  9. Samar Maree Hassan
  10. Sultan A.Fathi
  11. Wafa Maki Rashid ALI


First Year:


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Operations  Techniques


Store Managment




English Reading


Principles of administration









Second Year:




Storage Accounting


Stored systems applications




Information Systems












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