Computer Systems Techniques

Computer Systems Techniques

Founding of the department:

The Department of Computer System since its recently founding adopts its study items taken from the new curriculum computer system in the world. The admission in the department is only for students those of scientific branch and whose average is the most higher between students are approved to be accepted in administrative specifications in the Technical Institute of Mosul and according to the Central Distribution Plan recommended for the secondary schools graduates.


The department was established upon luminous highest point of recent scientific thoughts to be in the pioneering step of other scientific department in the Institute.

 Therefore, the department undertakes to give out its educational services, its technical skills, which marked by superior teaching and scientific research for the student.

The department uses the advanced techniques, which have impact on the programs level, educational items, training, and development; in order to achieve its sublime goal for helping society with qualified cadres who have high acquaintance in science throughout the department specialized courses and the scientific consultations enhanced by the department itself.

Department message:

The department message is based on a concept “from department to work field” depending on the recent curriculums, and developed training techniques, which qualify the student in a distinct scientific qualification.

Its message goes to dovetailing the positive constructive reaction among computer sciences, software programs, mathematics, statistical sciences and the relating sciences in order to reach the perfection point that enhancing the student to be in the ambition level, which lastly pours in society and nation behalf to occupy a notable position between nations.

Department objective:

1- Make ready human cadres possess technical qualifications promoting them competently interring the work field.

2- Make ready technical cadres have high skills in the different sciences related to computer techniques and informatics, in which they are able to comply with work essential requirements by using the recent techniques methods.

3- Supporting the values of job affiliation and sincerity in foundation

4- Do connection between the scientific curriculums and the traditional method of training within the recent one in the basis of serving the current reality.

5- Intensify the quantitative and qualitative notions in means of achieving the quality standards and scientific capability.

6- To make occasion for a suitable scientific, researchable, applied environment based on serving work organizations, finding the successful solutions for their problems.

7- Evaluate the efficiency of the yearly training and educational programs in order to attain the best development.

8- Take care of students putting them on the straight way, which express about their personal intentions and their study ambition.

Characterization of graduate job:

1- Preparing and checking the statements, interring the information in computer.

2- Contributing on designing, preparing the programmatic systems

3- Contributing onto testing, examining, correcting the programmatic systems

4- Implementation of the programmatic systems

The plan of the study:

1- First stage:  hours number average\ week\ unit

Total units number = 56


(Programming – basic language, Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Computer Maintenance, Application Packages,  Mathematics & Numerical Analysis, Advanced Statistics, Human Rights)

Practical hours (14)   theoretical hours (16)


2- Second stage: hours number average \ week \ unit

Total units number = 58

Study Plan:

First Year

Second Year

Cources / Level 1


First Stage

First StageDownload
Computer MaintenanceDownload
Application PackagesDownload
Computer ArchitectureDownload

Second Stage

Second StageDownload
Database PracticeDownload
Visual BasicDownload
Systems AnalysisDownload
Network PracticeDownload
Website DesignDownload
Website Design PracticeDownload
Data ArchitectureDownload


Lecturer NameTitleSubjectDownload CV
Maher Talal MohamedAssist. Lecturer Database CV
Najm Abdullah AbdulqadirAssist. LecturerOperating Systems CV
Abdulstar Mohammed Khader Assist. ProfessorNetwork CV
Shahla Abdel Wahab Abdulqadir Assist. ProfessorVisual Basic CV
Omar Ibrahim Ahmed LecturerComputer Maintainance CV
Saba Qassem Hassan LecturerData Architecture CV
Khifa Hadi DhanoonLecturer Systems Analysis CV
Abdel-Rafea Hussein Mari Assist. LecturerWebsite Design CV
Sahar Ismail MahmoudAssist. LecturerC++ CV
Mohammed Khairi HusseinAssist. LecturerComputer Architecture CV

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