Consultation office

Office of Scientific and Consulting Services at Technical Institute / Connector

Brief :

The consulting office provides expertise and scientific advice through qualified professors through the establishment of training programs to qualify employees at the required level to meet the needs of organizations in the government and the private sector.

Target :

The Office aims to strengthen the relationship with the private sector and service through providing scientific consultations and organizing training courses for the development of personnel in administrative and technical specialties. The Office of Scientific and Consulting Services at our Institute is ready to cooperate with private sector offices and companies to provide the best development services in the field of administrative specialties.

Vision :

The Office has an effective role in providing scientific consultation through the establishment of courses, feasibility studies and scientific research carried out by the Office to the various departments of the State and the public sector and private and develop the capabilities of the staff in order to elevate the performance to the ambitious level to meet the need of organizations in the specialties carried out by the Office, The institute has good reputation and good reputation as well as fruitful profit.

the message :

Providing scientific consultations and economic feasibility studies for various projects, research and solutions to problems of work and development and holding training courses in various fields needed by the government departments.

Value :

– Staff training. – Cooperation with government departments and the private sector. – Provide scientific advice. – Accuracy and workmanship. – Good reputation. Profitable profit.

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