Evening Study

The evening study was opened in the faculties and institutes of the Authority. The Technical Institute / Mosul is one of the formations of the Authority which has always provided the opportunity to complete the study for students who are unable to attend the morning study or those who missed this opportunity by opening administrative and technological departments represented by the following sections:

– Administrative specialties:

A-Computer Systems Technology Department

B – Office Management Section

– Technological specialties:

A – Department of Electrical Techniques

B – Department of Mechanical Techniques

C – Department of electronic technologies

Thus, the process of development and progress in the technical education system continues day after day and through the accumulated experiences and creations that renew the cards and abilities of the children of institutes and colleges. Including the Technical Institute / Mosul, the leading institute in the northern region and the main pillar supporting and sponsoring the construction of all institutes and technical colleges in the northern region.

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